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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cleaning the Rocky

Before heading off to get some more fresh beans, I wanted to make sure that the Rocky is clean. I had noted a small deposit of grinds that had stuck in the base of the spout and they did not come off with my usual vacuum and brush cleaning.

I therefore proceeded in removing and washing the spout. A picture of the spout before the cleaning...

...and after

I also noted that the chute area does not fully empty of stale grinds with my usual clean-up routine. With a long bristled brush and a vacuum cleaner (and the spout off) this areas was now easy to access and clean. A picture of the chute before cleaning...

...and after

Once the chute and spout were clean, I reattached the spout. I noted that the plastic on the spout is starting to turn slightly opaque (was clear when new). Not a problem, just an obervation.

I also brushed and vacuumed the hopper and the insides of the Rocky. Having removed the finger guard the throat of the grinder is now a lot easier to access for cleaning...

I still have not removed or cleaned the burrs properly, but at some stage I will grind some minute rice to remove coffee oils from the burrs and take the top burr off to gain access for even more thorough cleaning. As this needs to be done only once or twice a year, there is not need to go this far yet.



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